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Loan Modification Testimonials

“Hi There I want to highly recommend Distressed Mortgage Solutions for home loan modification assistance. I had a year and a half run around with a major bank trying to get a loan modification and got nowhere. Upon hiring Distressed Mortgage Solutions, I started seeing results almost immediately. Within five month, we had a permanenent load modification with terms that were great and fit my budget perfectly. Darrell Rigley was dedicated to helping me and he kept me informed thru the process and we had such excellent results. He was helpful. He was knowledgable. And he was professional. He made this process very easy for me. So I will highly recommend Daryl and Distressed Mortgage Solutions. They will take good care of your needs as well.”

Mary (2016)

Lacey (2016)

Dana (2016)




“Hi my name is Vivian and I want to express my sincere gratitude to the staff at Distressed Mortgage Solutions for successful lowering my mortgage payments. My mortgage was $1178 and now it is $561 and I saved over $25,000 on my note. I must admit though at the beginning I was very skeptical and nervous about entering into this whole process. With all of the cotroversary around homeowners and mortgage lending companies forcing foreclosures on me and allowing them to lose their homes, I was very concerned about ending up in a similiar situation. Daryl once you showed me how reputable your company was, I knew there was hope.”



“Hey guys my name is Ryan and I want to thank Distressed Mortgage Solutions for lowering my mortgage payements. My payments were getting out of hand, they were over 3900 and now they are down to 2238 which saved me 1662 a month and here is the thing I tried three different lawyers and spent over $10 grand. What a waste of time and money. When it comes down it, very few companies know what they are doing. Thank god this guys helped me out. I wanted to thank you guys directly. You’ve save the day. You save my family. You savd my wallet. So I going to recommend you to anyone who has the same problems that I had and thanks again for your help”



“We got our load mod approved today. A few months ago I was about ready to accept an offer from our bank to modify a loan when I received an email from Distressed Mortgage Solutions. I got to admit I called out of curiousity to see what they could offer. And I was really impressed with their proposal. It made alot of sense to get someone other than the bank and what they were offering to us. Instead of lowering our rate for 5 years. We negotiated a 30 year fix and every lower rate and we also were able to lower our balance as well. We were ready to take what the bank was offering us, but I really glad we called Distressed Mortgae Solutions and got them on our side. Thanks for showing us how much we saved and thanks for giving us much more than we expected.”



“My name is Allison. Thank you DMS was successful lowering my mortgage payments. My payments were over $1900 a month and way to high, now they are $1238, saving me month $662 a month. I’ve been scewed over by other firms promising they could help me with a modification, but they took my money and disappeared. I wasn’t even sure when I signed up with Distressed, but I was so desperate for help. Once again, thank you for getting my modification done. You guys save my life. I will recommend your company to my friends and relatives who are experiencing the same problems that I experienced. Thanks again for all of your help.”



My name is Anthony and I just wanted to take a moment you for the outstanding job you did recently with my loan modification or my mortgage with Keep up the good work. I want to thank Alicia, who also worked on my case, for the great work she had done.. I want to thank with Mae. He is the gentleman I spoke immediately,he explained the process and he got me started with the audits and principal reduction. Everything happened just as he explained. I settled for 50 % of the available balanace, a savings of up to $70,000. And I settled for, I can’t begin to tell you how greatfall my wife and I are to have a fresh start on our finance. To move forward with out lives. This really had changed out lives and I would highly recommend Distressed Mortgage Solutions to everyone that I know.



“I want to express my appreciation for what you and your associates have done for me and my family.

When our interest rate on the loan started to go up, we knew that we were going to have to refinance. With the economy being the way it is and our credit not the greatest in the world, we could not find a bank to refinance our loan. They would have all of the usual excuses, not enough equity, too many late payments, and debt to income. You name it we heard it. We felt like it was a hopeless battle. There was no one to refinance and no way that we could afford payments that went up every single month. We were sure to lose our home to foreclosure.

I was so relieved to hear about Distressed Mortgage Solutions, and how they could help us keep our home. It is so nice to know that there is someone out there that actually still cares about people who are struggling to make ends meet. With four children it takes everything I have to make the monthly bills, and when your house payment almost doubles in a matter of months it doesn’t take long to fall behind. You guys don’t realize how relieved I feel to know that we are now going to get to keep our home and better yet we have a fixed interest rate, with a house payment that is affordable.

Thank you, Danny, for being so caring and understanding about our situation. It was so nice to be treated as an individual, not like a number. Your quick response time and hard work is nothing short of amazing.

I will be sure to tell everyone about your company and what you have done for us.

The Jenkins Family


“My wife and I received the Letter and the Forensic Audit. There is a lot I do not understand, but the stuff I do understand… well, let me say I am impressed! You guys have put a-lot-of time and man-hours (women too, to be PC) into this document and I am a very happy person right now! We had no idea of the magnitude or the scope that this entails… but now I can see, it is huge.

Once again, RJ and Mr. Rigley, thank you so much for putting our minds at ease about everything.”

Mike and Bernie


“I had a loan with Indy Mac at 7.75% and was 5 months behind. I contacted Distressed Mortgage Solutions and they were able to set me up with a great attorney who was able to get me a Loan Modification done within a 2 month time frame! My workoutprogram changed my original loan to a 3% for 5 years and reduced my note by $49,000!!!! I am so thankful to have a paymentI can now afford.”

Judy Reid, Charlestown IN