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Several companies have contacted me recently offering to help. What’s different about you?

Based in Jacksonville, FL, Distressed Mortgage Solutions has been helping homeowners regain control of their loans and avoid foreclosure on their homes for over 9 years. In today’s day and age, we know that there are lots of problems facing homeowners: foreclosure, declining home values, and other financial problems.

With so many individuals and companies now claiming to be Loan Modification experts, it’s important for you to know whose hands you’re placing your family’s future. The team at Distressed Mortgage Solutions consists of attorneys, mortgage brokers, processors, and paralegals with over 40 years of combined experience representing distressed home owners in their fight for their rights against banks, lenders and unscrupulous mortgage and real estate agents. We are very proud of our track record of success.

Distressed Mortgage Solutions’ real estate loan compliance specialists have decades of experience helping families avoid foreclosure by giving them the financial and legal leverage to dispute their loans. Do you suspect that you are the victim of predatory lending? Fraudulence? If it is there, we will find it thru our Loan Compliance Audit conducted by one of the most experienced teams of loan compliance auditors and attorneys. We know what to look for and once we find it, we can use it as leverage to force your lender to modify the terms of your loan.

At Distressed Mortgage Solutions, we are passionate about helping struggling families stay in their homes and reduce their payment to something they can afford. We have the knowledge, and we have the resources—all we need now is to speak with you to understand the unique circumstances of your situation.

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