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Wells Fargo Settlement Mortgage Fraud

Gerri Willis: We have a bang up show for you tonight wells fargo under fire for fabricating mortgage documents to foreclose on home owners, That is our top story tonight and despite the 25billion $ mortgage settlement robo signing may be alive and well a lot so claims. A one hundred and fifty page instruction manual here details step by step instructions on making unauthorized changes to bank documents allowing the banks to foreclose on a home lawyer fighting the bank “Linda Tirelli” joins me now. So “Linda” this is your documents, you gave it to us. You say that, this is the manual that attorneys at wells fargo used to instruct people trying to foreclose on homes. So, what does this tell people?

Linda Tirelli: That document is my contention is simply an internal document, that is basically blue print for making up a manufacturing documents for non-exist perhaps documents are lacking that’s my contention.

Gerri Willis: Your contention is that in the mortgage melt down a lot documents were missing if you are trying the foreclosure and a home it would be super difficult because the homes are changed hand so many times. The banks have churned these homes as well. And so if you are trying to bring together all the documentation if just may not exist

Linda Tirelli: That’s right

Gerri Willis: so what do “well fargo” do?

Linda Tirelli: Well, Based on my reading of this document if this is again the attorneys were preparing document’s to make up for whatever lacking in the chain of title.

Gerri Willis: So, they would your saying fabricate the stuff?

Linda Tirelli: That’s exactly what I’m saying. I’m saying based on the document as I read it, is wells Fargo manufacturing documents that do not exist.

Gerri Willis: All right. We will read a center from wells fargo and just a second thought we (don’t) agree with analysis obviously and somehow you got your hands on a document that was internal to the company. They have confirmed that much. Tell me why you are fighting this so hard. You obviously have clients with claims.

Linda Tirelli: Because it doesn’t stop. We went through this 25 billion dollar settlement is supposed to resolve these issues. And it still business as usual not just “wells fargo” but for all of the big banks.

Gerri Willis: So you are saying, it’s not just this one company.

Linda Tirelli: That’s right. I think, this is spread across the border. This is business as usual for all of the big banks.

Gerri Willis: Let me read “Wells Fargo” comeback. Here’s what they say, “Wells Fargo’s foreclosure processes today and back in 2012 – are appropriate and legal. To allege otherwise is simply misrepresenting the facts. Our team members carefully review all requirements to properly initiate foreclosures.” What you say?

Linda Tirelli: Well I say, there is not addressing the issue. The document that I provide which is a manual for actually taking step by step instructions as I see it to manufacture documents. But they are, the statement simply not addressing the issue.

Gerri Willis: Well, I can tell you set a fire under lot of regulators, consumer financial protection bureu, the New york Attorney general, The US trustees there all taking a look at this all investigating, where does this go next?

Linda Tirelli: Well, my hope is that one of this entities there do the investigation actually bring someone to justice. Actually go to Wells Fargo maybe watch and see it work it some points, who knows.

Gerri Willis: You know, we were covering this the first time round with the robo signings a lot of lot of people love there they said “Hey Gerri does it really matter that the banks kind of played fast and loose with the documentation after all these people have not paid for their house they had not made their mortgage payments. What’s your response to that?

Linda Tirelli: Response that is you know, regardless of whether someone is behind on their mortgage can happen to anyone in this economy. It does not give a bank or anyone the right to fabricate documents and submit them to court of law for the purpose of enticingly judged to law in actually foreclosure on a home.

Gerri Willis: And tonight your client says still in a big fight with “Wells Fargo” a still big issues over hanging from the mortgage melt down as you take a step back and think about this, what are these banks to do? The documents really didn’t exist. They were empty handed. They needed to process the foreclosure so market will never going to be clear unless some of this work started to get done. What you say?

Linda Tirelli: Well, then the first step for foreclosure for any very bank is first formula 1. Do you have the right to foreclose? Make that determination first. You don’t have the documents perhaps you just don’t have the right to foreclose. Unless so it not the consumer’s fault.

Gerri Willis: Not the consumers fault and a of course why there’s enough fingerprint to go round at blame everybody just so little bit. Linda thanks for coming on the show tonight. It’s a fascinating story and we will keep up with you and you keep up with us. We wanna know what’s happening with this cases. Thank you.

Linda Tirelli: Thank you

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  1. jESS FLORES says:

    This exactly what is happening to us.

  2. Wells Fargo has robbed me and can’t prove who owns the Note on my home. I went on MERS to see who owned my home and it doesn’t exist. Under my address,name and social security number. My home was originally owned by New Century, then Owen,then Litton and now Wells Fargo. I was denied a modification based on their in house investors rules. What investors own my home?

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