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Affiliates Training Fast Start Program

Distressed Mortgage Solutions Welcome aboard to Distressed Mortgage Solutions and Fast Start Training. These videos are your initial training classes to our “Keeping Your Home In Your Hands” program.

You will want to watch each video starting with Training Introduction and go through each one until you have watched each one. Do NOT jump ahead and watch the videos out of order.

You will first want to print the training guide and follow along as you watch each video, so you can make notes. In addition print the Industry Overview and Fraud & Deception as you will learn a lot regarding this business.

As you go through the information make notes and write down any questions and we will go over them in a “live” training session.

Grab yourself a cup of coffee and get your learning hat on tight!

Training Introduction

pdf-icon Training Guide Link

pdf-icon Industry Overview Link

pdf-icon Fraud and Deception Link


Insight Sellling

Objections and Rebuttals